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Our Mission

The CCLE coordinates the development of consumer law, policy, and education research to support and serve consumers. Our unique partnership brings together scholars, practitioners, and students at the CCLE to empower, lead, and transform our communities.

Our Vision

The Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE) at Marshall University and WVU College of Law strives to be the leading research and educative consumer rights and development Center in the nation.

The Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE)


Welcome to the Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE), where empowerment meets advocacy. We are a collaborative venture between the WVU College of Law and Marshall University. The primary objective of the CCLE is to be a preeminent and nationally recognized consumer rights law center. These efforts are led by the two respective Directors, Jonathan R. Marshall and Dr. C. Damien Arthur.

Our objective is clear: to lead the nation in research and education on consumer rights and development. We are committed to enlightening consumers and partners about their rights, actively contributing to the development of public policy, and making a substantial impact on the advancement of consumer rights.

Our strategies for achieving these goals are multifaceted. We engage in public education, foster civic participation, facilitate experiential learning, influence policy formulation, and participate in cases of consequences. These strategies collectively enable us to fulfill our mission.

Crucially, our work is underpinned by a $6 million endowment, which is overseen in close collaboration with our governing committee. This financial support empowers us to execute our initiatives effectively and drive meaningful change in the consumer rights landscape.

The work undertaken at the Center plays a vital role in empowering consumers and ensuring fairness in the marketplace. Through education, policy advocacy, and legal engagement, we actively contribute to the promotion and protection of consumer rights within our society.

"WE ARE pleased we will have the opportunity to work in synergy with West Virginia University College of Law to develop and deliver consumer-related information and programming for West Virginians."

Brad D. Smith

    -- President Marshall University


We emphasize collaborative efforts to transform communities and create a positive impact on consumer rights, policy, and education in West Virginia. Through partnerships and collective action, we strive to bring about meaningful change.

Collaboration for Impact

We are dedicated to empowering consumers in West Virginia with knowledge and resources, enabling them to navigate legal complexities, assert their rights, and make informed decisions.

Student-Centric Approach

Recognizing the importance of education and leadership development, we prioritize students, providing them with enriching educational experiences and opportunities to contribute meaningfully to consumer law and education in West Virginia.


We commit to excellence in research, education, and advocacy, striving to be at the forefront of consumer rights and development initiatives in West Virginia. Our aim is to achieve tangible outcomes that contribute significantly to our mission and vision.

The CCLE is committed to empowerment and collaboration for consumers

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