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The Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE) at Marshall University and WVU College of Law strives to be the leading research and educative consumer rights and development Center in the nation.


We coordinate the development of consumer law, policy, and education research to support and serve consumers.


Our unique partnership brings together scholars, practitioners, and students at the CCLE to empower, lead, and transform our communities.

Recent Press Releases

President Gee


 is perfect example a of higher education's power to improve West Virginians' lives. West Virginia University is proud to partner with Marshall University in protecting consumer rights through research outreach and public policy advocacy." 

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President Gilbert


 pleased we will have the opportunity to work in synergy with West Virginia University College of Law to develop and deliver consumer-related information and programming for West Virginians." 

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David Romano, Chairman

"The goal of the joint project is to ensure all hardworking West Virginians will have resources available to protect their property and to be informed of their rights as consumers.”

John Taylor, Dean

“We are all consumers, and so we all have a stake in the work of the Center for Consumer Law and Education. The Center’s research and outreach efforts promote policy choices that protect consumers and empower citizens with the knowledge they need to take control of their financial lives. The WVU College of Law is proud to be working together with Marshall University to serve consumers in West Virginia and beyond.”

The Center for Consumer Law & Education

“The CCLE between Marshall University and WVU College of Law is such a wonderful, necessary endeavor. Through our coalitions and partnerships, we will make consumer rights knowledge public knowledge and strive to protect and inform consumers through research and educational programming. With this consumer law, policy, and education partnership, we can make people’s lives better and do some good in our community.”

 - C. Damien Arthur, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scholar and Director, Marshall University