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Welcome to the CCLE

Hello everyone and welcome to The Center for Consumer Law and Education, a Marshall University & WVU College of Law partnership. We are the Directors of this joint initiative, Jonathan R. Marshall of Bailey Glasser and WVU College of Law, and Dr. Damien Arthur of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Marshall University. The CCLE is a hub of knowledge, advocacy, and transformation. Our center stands as a beacon, dedicated to being the nation's premier research and educative consumer rights and development center.

"The center’s core mission is one of service. We will serve the public by educating consumers through outreach efforts focused on financial literacy and the dissemination of consumer-resource materials," affirms Director Jonathan Marshall. Our commitment extends to empowering students through experiential learning opportunities and courses on consumer law and policy. We pride ourselves on serving the legal community and our partners by providing educational opportunities and acting as a center that coordinates efforts and resources.

Director Dr. Damien Arthur says, "The CCLE between Marshall University and WVU College of Law is such a wonderful, necessary endeavor." Through strategic coalitions and partnerships, we bring consumer rights knowledge into the public sphere, striving to protect and inform consumers through research and educational programming. This consumer law, policy, and education partnership enables us to make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to the welfare of our community.

At CCLE, we actively engage in initiatives that redefine consumer education. Our financial literacy programming, People's Law School events, and innovative use of technology break down barriers, ensuring that everyone can access their consumer rights. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, fostering a fair and informed marketplace.

As you explore our center, we invite you to join us in our mission to empower, lead, and transform. Together, we can shape a future where consumer rights are not just protected but celebrated. Welcome to CCLE—a center where knowledge meets action, and consumers are at the heart of our advocacy.

-- Jonathan Marshall

-- Damien Arthur

Meet the Directors

Jonathan R. Marshall

Jonathan R. Marshall serves as the director of the CCLE, where he coordinates the Center's activities, conducts research on consumer law issues, and shares his expertise through publications and educational initiatives. A respected figure, Jonathan is a founder and co-chairman of the Consumer Law Division of the West Virginia Association for Justice. His leadership in the WVAJ Consumer Law Section earned him the Stanley E. Preiser West Virginia Association for Justice Member of the Year Award.

Jonathan's legal practice focuses on solving complex problems, employing a collaborative approach that involves seasoned lawyers, subject matter experts, and technology leaders. He has led mass tort and class action litigations across multiple states, achieving success through jury verdicts, settlements, and innovative resolutions, benefiting his clients significantly.

At the forefront of consumer law, Jonathan leads the firm's TCPA and Employment Practice Groups, specializing in various aspects, including TCPA litigation and wage-and-hour class actions.

Apart from his role at CCLE, Jonathan is a Director at the Center for Consumer Law and Education at West Virginia University College of Law, where he also imparts his knowledge as an educator.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Best Lawyers in America, Consumer Law, Consumer Protection Law, and Mass Tort Litigation / Class Action - Plaintiffs, Charleston, West Virginia (2021 - 2024)

  • Best Lawyers in America, Lawyer of the Year, Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions (2023)

  • Super Lawyers, West Virginia, Class Action (2023)

  • 2017 Member of the Year Award Recipient, West Virginia Association of Justice

  • 2016 Consumer Advocate of the Year Award Recipient, West Virginia Association of Justice




Juris Doctorate
West Virginia University 

College of Law

J.D., 2007; Order of the Coif - West Virginia University College of Law

jonathan Marshall_edited.jpg


West Virginia University 

B.A., 2003, summa cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa; Outstanding senior - West Virginia University

C. Damien Arthur

Since February 2018, C. Damien Arthur has been the Distinguished Scholar and Director of the Marshall University Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE), a Consumer Law, Policy, and Education partnership with the WVU College of Law. From 2012 to 2014, he was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at West Virginia State University. He joined Marshall University in 2014, as an Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Policy. Currently, he is an Associate Professor with Tenure and the Chairman of the Department of Political Science and the Director of the Master of Public Administration degree program. 

He has published peer-reviewed books and refereed journal articles in his discipline. Nearly all of his publications deal with some aspect of public leadership. The articles were published in some of the leading journals of his specific discipline. Moreover, he has taught dozens of university courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level—on Grant Writing, Public Administration, and public money management as well as Nonprofit Management, State & Local Politics, and Public Policy and Empirical Analysis. His research and teaching have won numerous awards and grants.

He has served, and continues to serve, on community boards and faculty committees that deal with large budgets, fiduciary matters, and governance and accountability issues. Dr. Arthur was elected by his peers to represent them in the Faculty Senate and appointed to posts of responsibility by the Presidents of two universities. He has been solving complex problems for nearly fifteen years, using critical and innovative thinking, decision models, predictive analytics, qualitative research and analysis, and econometric forecasting. He has proven successes in analyzing and synthesizing complex material while designing and completing intricate projects independently and with teams.

Awards and Accolades: 

  • 2020 Academic Advising Award - Center for Student Success MU Academic Affairs

  • 2018 John Marshall Scholar Research Award - MURC

  • 2017 West Virginia Humanities Council Fellowship Award

  • 2016 Pickens-Queen Excellence in Teaching Award - Center for Teaching & Learning

  • 2015 Association of Centers for the Study of Congress Research Grant

  • 2015 The Dirksen Congressional Research Center Congressional Research Grant



(Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science) -- 2013

Examination fields: American Political Institutions & Public Policy, Judicial Politics & Constitutional Law, and Public Administration





Master of American Public Policy

Master of Public Administration 

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