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David J. Romano

Chairman of the Joint Committee

David Romano, a 1977 graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law, is the establishing donor of the Center. David began his undergraduate career at Marshall University. He was a freshman member of the University's 1970 football team, when a tragic plane crash killed 75 people associated with the team. Due to an injury Romano sustained, he did not travel with the team on that plane. He transferred to West Virginia University his second year of college, and walked-on to their football team. 

Established by attorney David J. Romano, who attended Marshall in the early 1970s, the project is funded by a class action lawsuit settled in 2011 for $21 million. Romano represented the Swiger family and other plaintiffs in the lawsuit against AmeriGas Propane and several of its partners. The case alleged that the gas companies improperly installed and maintained underground propane lines. A gas line explosion in 1998 resulted in injuries to members of the Swiger family and destroyed their home.

Romano has a strong passion for the rule of law, and he has willed the Center for Consumer Law & Education into existence. He believes the Center can become a national consumer, law, policy, and education resource.


Meet Our Board of Directors

Welcome to the driving force behind the Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE) – our esteemed Board of Directors. Comprising a cadre of distinguished professionals, our board is a powerhouse of legal expertise and leadership, committed to advancing consumer rights and education in West Virginia.

Legal Trailblazers: Our board members are not just lawyers; they are the vanguards of consumer law in the state. With a shared commitment to justice and fairness, each member brings a wealth of experience, shaping the legal landscape to better protect and empower consumers.

Leaders Beyond Law: But the CCLE board extends beyond the legal realm. We are honored to have leaders who bring diverse perspectives to our mission. The President of Marshall University, Brad D. Smith, former CEO of Intuit, lends his strategic insights and corporate acumen to our cause. Likewise, the Dean of the WVU College of Law, Ameila Smith Rinehart, enriches our discussions with his deep understanding of legal education and policy.

Guiding the Mission: Our board plays a pivotal role in steering the CCLE's mission to be the nation's leading research and educative consumer rights and development center. Their guidance ensures that we remain at the forefront of legal advocacy, education, and policy development.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Direction: Providing strategic oversight to ensure the CCLE's initiatives align with our mission and the evolving landscape of consumer law.

  • Advocacy: Leveraging legal expertise to actively contribute to the development of consumer law and policy, both locally and nationally.

  • Education: Fostering initiatives that empower consumers through outreach efforts, financial literacy programs, and educational resources.

  • Collaboration: Building partnerships with scholars, practitioners, students, and the community to collectively drive positive change.


Empowering Consumers, Transforming Communities: Through the dedication and leadership of our board, the CCLE stands as a beacon for consumer rights and education. We invite you to explore the profiles of our board members, each a luminary in their field, united by a common goal – to make a tangible difference in the lives of consumers.


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Dean, WVU College of Law

Bordas and Bordas

Manchin Ferretti

Cranston & Edwards


President, Marshall University


Green Ketchum Bailey & Tweel 


Klein & Sheridan, LC

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Mountain State Justice

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