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Student Scholarship Opportunities

The Student Opportunity Award

The Center for Consumer Law & Education (CCLE) at Marshall University is pleased to open the application period for student scholar opportunities for both Graduate and Undergraduate students. The committee will award up to $2,000 for the opportunity to pursue scholarship (broadly defined) on a topic of choice concerning consumer law and policy, collaborate with the CCLE staff in shaping the strategic dissemination of their experiences, and contribute to the university community. For example, but not limited to, the CCLE will fund projects that enable students to research how the WV State Legislature feels about a required financial literacy program in the K-12 schools or raise awareness of consumer issues such as student loan indebtedness through a student-run symposium on campus, and/or send students to conferences that share our values and mission. The students will help fulfill the mission of the Center, educating consumers and partners about consumer law, assist with the development of public policy, and make a meaningful impact on the advancement of consumer law and policy.

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